Wilde Custom Home

Without question, Gil is a first-class general contractor, and it was a great pleasure to work with him. First off, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience about all facets of the construction process and can skillfully navigate the most complex of home building projects. There's no replacement for his many years of experience building quality homes. The home he constructed for us in Morgan Hill (approximately 5600 sq ft) turned out wonderfully; we were completely satisfied. Second, and equally important, Gil's very personable demeanor is quite helpful during what can be a somewhat stressful process. He knows how to professionally engage a client and patiently walk through the myriad of decisions that must be made. Options are clearly explained, and he provides great suggestions to assist in a process that could otherwise be overwhelming. If any problems arise, he calmly explains the situation and offers solutions. Finally, he is very dependable. In our case he stepped in and seamlessly took control of our project after the development company went bankrupt. The building process continued without a hitch until we had our final permit. Furthermore, well after completion of the house, he was readily available and willing to come back and address any minor issues that we raised. It's truly a pleasure to work with Gil. In fact, we were so satisfied the first time, we asked him to work on another custom home project for us and received the same great level of service


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