Adding a second story addition, room addition or home addition is a great way to help you gain a considerable amount of living space as well as increase your property value.  If done properly, home additions are often times a more cost effective way to enhance your quality of life without buying a bigger home or taking on a larger mortgage payment.  A huge part of seeing the biggest return on your investment is to make the addition look like it's always been a part of the original home instead of tacking on additional square footage in an amateur manner with hack job construction.  Many times home owners get so wrapped up in the excitement of starting their home addition that they overlook key "pre construction" steps that can cost them unecessary dollars.  Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc offers free consultations and will happily educate you on what to research prior to meeting and spending money with a design professional.  We'll walk you through building codes and ordinances that dictate setbacks, structural points from property lines, building height regulations, site maps and more.  One of the biggest compliments Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc receives is the wealth of knowledge we possess and how much the entire process is simplified as a result of being well informed. 


Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc will give you a thorough understanding of the room addition, second story addition and home addition process which will help to build your confidence immediately.  Having a clear vision of the  steps and the order they go will also ensure that all phases of work proceed smoothly without costly delays that negatively impact your pocketbook.  Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc is the elite south bay area general contractor for premium high quality additions, home remodeling and new home construction.  We feel very blessed that our client testimonials and increasing referral business speak to that truth year after year.


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