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Gil Montarbo founded Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc in 1981 based upon the core values of trust, integrity and commitment to premium quality.  Gil's insistence on quality service, hard work and dedication to client needs remains the company credo and has led to his portfolio of beautifully designed structures including Custom Homes, Remodels, Additions and more.


Gil's passion for excellence and exceeding client expectations has helped him to build positive, long term relationships with some of the finest bay area talent the residential trade has to offer.  By fine tuning his business over the decades, Gil has established an arsenal of resources and the result has been an uninterrupted workflow that helps to deliver each project to the full satisfaction of the client.




Gil Montarbo



Gil Montarbo

President and Founder of Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc

Morgan Hill, CA


Gil Montarbo brings over 35 years experience as President and Founder of Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc.  He started his career as a union production framer in 1973 and transitioned into custom home framing.  In 1981 he became a licensed contractor and started his own business.  Gil built his first speculation home in 1988 leading him to the development of multiple speculation homes in the beautifully gated community of Silver Creek Country Club.  After completing the Silver Creek project Gil and associates purchased and obtained approvals for a 17 unit subdivision which brought him to the development of 8-5 acre parcels in San Martin, Ca.  Gil also general contracted 4-5,000+ sq ft homes for TM developments in the very secluded private community of Rockwood Estates which name only a few of his remarkable accomplishments over the past three decades. 


Gil's full scope of work includes land purchase, design, permit process, working with building and planning departments, parks & recreation, environmental health, fire & school districts, internal/external agencies, civil engineers, general engineering contractors, architects and land surveyors.  Gil also worked for the City of Morgan Hill as a building inspector from July 2013 through July 2014 and is very familiar with building codes and regulations relevant to current industry standards.  Gil maintains active involvement in his church where he serves as a head usher and Director of the Awanas kids club helping to guide and mentor our upcoming generation. 

Jordan Montarbo



Jordan Montarbo

VP of Business Development

Morgan Hill, CA


Jordan Montarbo brings over 13 years of sales and business development success to Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc.  After graduating from high school in 2001 Jordan immediately went into sales, utilizing his charismatic personality and talent with people he built a sales team of over 250 reps in his first two years.  Shortly after that he became the youngest Executive Director for the Federal Chamber of Commerce by consistently exceeding expectations at only 19 years of age.  Jordan went on to become the National Sales Director for Tool Time, Inc where he co-negotiated a deal with Ace Hardware to have their patented product carried in all 14 distribution centers supplying over 5,000 stores nationwide.  Jordan then took on the challenge of building an account management division for the largest independently owned vending company in the bay area (O'Sullivan Vending) with clients like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Dropbox.  Jordan's co-development of a customer service ticketing system as well as his personal engagement with the "who's who" of bay area businesses helped the company grow from 18 million in revenue to over 34 million in revenue inside of 18 months. 


It was through these very unique and diverse opportunities that Jordan discovered his immense passion for building relationships with people that go far beyond just business.  The joy found in seeing his father take peoples biggest dream, amplify it and turn it into a tangible reality made it very clear that this is where Jordan ultimately wanted to be.  With two very unique skill sets and the mutual desire to selflessly serve others Jordan and his father decided to partner in early 2015.  Jordan relentlessly strives to take his outside the box creativity as well as the latest in technology innovation to make Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc the most sought after, liked and talked about residential custom home builder in the bay area. 

OUR Process




Pre Construction

It's been said that experience is the best teacher and that's exactly what we've used to develop a process that gives our clients invaluable insight during the design phase.  We're frequently asked by our clients to collaborate with them and the architect to assist in project feasibility, construction scheduling, budgeting, cost analysis and the overall scope of work.  This valuable insight is a powerful tool that helps our clients make educated decisions that circumvent the likelihood of unforseen obstacles and changes from arising.  It's this type of meticulous planning that allows projects to stay on schedule and within budget right out the gate.  Once drawings and structural calculations are finished we can dive into our arsenal of proven subcontractors to competitively bid each area of work and finalize numbers so construction can begin.    









Now that the hard work and careful planning of the design phase is complete and permits are ready it's time to break ground.  At this point our estimating team has prudently bid your project, put together a detailed budget by line item and our seasoned project management team takes over.  Every project begins with a kick off meeting between us and the client to thoroughly outline the phases of construction taking place and what subcontractor is scheduled to start their project.  Throughout the course of construction the project manager remains the communications hub to ensure that Gil Montarbo GBC Inc, subcontractors, client and architect remain on the same page as all aspects of the project progressively evolves.  You can expect regular phone calls and scheduled meetings as needed so that costly mistakes aren't caused due to lack of communication.  This also gives our clients many opportunities to discuss their ideas, ask questions and go over any jobsite topics they'd like to talk about..."measure twice, cut once".   







Once the project is complete and our clients are smiling ear to ear we want to make sure they have everything they need  prior to our final exit.  Our project management team will walk the project with our clients and present them with a beautifully organized company branded project binder.  The project binder is an invaluable resource which includes product manuals, emergency shutdown procedures, warranty policies, system operation instructions, maintenance requirements and a complete suite of construction photos.  As you settle into your new home you can rest assured that if any questions or issues arise the team at Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc stand by our work and will be happy to assist.  Gil Montarbo GBC, Inc has spent the last several decades building a reputation not only on before and during construction services but also on how we cater to clients long after we finish their project. 

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